Leftover Chicken Ideas and Grilled Pineapple

First up, we have the “what do I with leftover grilled chicken” dilemma solved. If you’re like me, and hate leftovers most of the time (there are a few things I like as reruns, but not much), this is for you. I purposely had Matt grill up a bunch of extra chicken breasts last time we had them, and I did two things with the leftovers.

1. Mexican Grilled Chicken Salad. Romaine lettuce, corn, black beans (love them!), grilled chicken, a little shredded cheddar, and whatever dressing you like. This would have been good with some of those crunchy tortilla strip thingies you can get in the crouton aisle. Yummy and very easy. It looked like this.

2. There’s no way my kids were going to eat that for dinner, so I got creative and took a package of reduced-fat crescent rolls out of the fridge, and laid out each triangle. I put a good-sized strip of chicken and a thin slice of muenster cheese on the large part of the triangle, and rolled them up like you would regularly. Then I just baked them as the package suggests. They were good and the kids ate them! In fact, I ate too many and didn’t want all of my salad 😦 For adults, I think these would be really good if you carmelized some onion and put that in there too. I took a picture of this, too.

Now, onto grilled pineapple. It’s so good; if you’ve never done it, here and here are two recipes to try. We did the second one last weekend, and I have to admit, I like the first recipe better (except that we do pineapple rings instead of quartering it like the picture, and I’ll use chopped walnuts since we don’t have macadamia nuts around the house).

I got all Pioneer Woman Cooks and took pictures of the process, since most of you probably haven’t done this before. Oh, except she takes awesome pictures, photo-documents the whole process (I kept forgetting to take pictures), and would probably laugh her behind off at this totally amateurish attempt.

If you don’t own one of these pineapple-cutter-things, and you eat any pineapple at all, you should get one. Use your 20% coupon at BB&B or LnT, and get it for $8. It works like a corkscrew, and cores and slices the pineapple. Oh, and you can get great pineapple at Sam’s Club (it’s Del Monte brand) for less than $3 a piece.

Here’s me starting the process…my floor is totally sanitary, so this is cool. I have to do this because the counter is too tall.

After a little effort, I realize that I am making the thing go crooked, so I stop and pull out the tool. This is what I’ve got. Three rings of pineapple in about 10 seconds.

But instead of being frustrated with it, I just get someone else’s help. It’s so much easier.

After about 30 seconds, Matt had this:

I am slightly annoyed that I am such a weakling. Anyway, you’re left with tons of pineapple juice (just drink it; or, plan ahead, which I did not do, and use it to make some delicious mixed drink, which you can pour into the hollowed-out shell after you figure out a way to cut the core out). You’ll end up with about 10 slices of pineapple.

Here’s where I forgot to take pictures: while I was making the butter/honey/hot sauce/salt “marinade” for the pineapples from recipe two above. If you use this recipe, I suggest that you use more honey and more hot sauce than the recipe calls for. Mix it all in a bowl, and then pour it over the pineapple slices in a large ziploc bag. Be gentle with it; I wasn’t and a bunch of the pineapple rings broke.

Then, I remembered to grab my camera so you can see what they look like on the grill. Fascinating. Thanks to Matt for being the model.

And here’s the finished product! We ate them for dessert. Would have been good with some vanilla ice cream, but I didn’t think of that either.

Well, that’s probably the first and last time I’ll do all of that picture stuff with recipes. Too much work and no smiley kiddo faces! Let me know in the comments if you try these…

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