Chopped Dinner: Take 3

Luke’s choices were third.

These were changed from his original 3 choices of marshmallows, jalapenos, and a third-choice-we-can’t-remember, after I reminded him that he was actually going to have to eat what I made with those foods.

His list was very easy to work with, and I used this meal to try out some more recipes I’d pinned to Pinterest.

For an appetizer (and the vegetable of the meal, and this is a huge stretch, especially since the boys only ate one of these) I made these zucchini chips and used the Spicy Mayo as dip (though the dip in the original looks really good!). The original calls for making them into sticks, but I thought the “chip” idea may go over better with my kids. They liked them fine, no one gagged, but no one wanted more, either. Matt loved them, and I thought they were good.

To use the garlic and honey, I followed this recipe, which I’d pinned earlier, and following the advice of many, I baked these at 375 for 20ish minutes (I’m not remembering exactly). Note: did you know that you only need to cook pork to an internal temp of 145 now? Anyway, I was completely underwhelmed by this recipe…the kids ate it fine, Matt said it was fine, and I’m just not a huge fan of pork chops. I don’t think I’ll make it again. I’d much rather repeatedly eat chicken than try to shake things up and eat pork chops.

For the English muffins and garlic again, I made the Paula Deen Roasted Garlic Spread and put it on the untoasted English muffins. I stuck them in the oven just enough to melt the butter (5 minutes or so) and the turned on the broiler and broiled them for about a minute so that the edges toasted. Two thumbs up from the whole family on this one!

the pasta is just wacky mac with melted cheese!

So that’s it! A bit lackluster overall, but still fun 🙂

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nana Jo
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 21:31:34

    So, so strange: when this came through via my email, MATT’S list is what showed in the 1st picture; however, when I clicked on the “comment” link, it went to the actual Three More Bites site, and LUKE’S list showed!! How weird is that?? I did it over & over w/ the same results!! So until I went to the comments & saw Luke’s list, I couldn’t tell exactly what ingreds you were working w/!

    Anyway, good job! Both Ron & I love pork chops, so I need to try that recipe.


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