Frozen Smoothie Pops

What kid doesn’t love popsicles? Mine are no exception, but I don’t like giving them just straight sugar and artificial coloring, though I do sometimes buy them the all-fruit juice kind.

As a little experiment a few weeks ago, Luke and I made some frozen smoothie pops that turned out great!

I threw a few things into the blender; this would be easy to adapt to your taste.

1 banana
A big handful of frozen blueberries
Some vanilla yogurt – I prefer Dannon’s lowfat natural vanilla, but Jack Henry also likes Trader Joe’s Vanana, so if that’s what’s in the house, that will do.

Blend it ’til smooth, and then pour into an ice cube tray. Let them freeze for about 20 or 30 minutes, and then stick mini popsicle sticks in them (I found them in the craft section at Walmart). When they’re frozen solid, take them out of the freezer and dip the bottom of the tray in some warm water. They should loosen right up. I stored them in a big plastic container.

Raspberries were on sale last week at Dierbergs, and I should have bought more to make smoothies with. They’d be good in this, as would strawberries.

Jack Henry LOVES them.

jh popsicle

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    May 28, 2009 @ 14:13:16

    I’m going to try these. So much fruit is coming in season right now that it’s the perfect time. And my husband eats an absolutely OBSCENE amount of frozen fruit bars.

    Those raspberries were still on sale as of 2 days ago. I bought so many packages over the last week or so that I lost count. My family was eating them like they were candy. No complaints from me.


  2. Julie
    May 29, 2009 @ 07:46:35

    That sounds awesome. Brian and I make smoothies all the time as a dessert, so this is just a twist to that. His only response was that he would want more than just an ice cube portion.:) I will have to get some of the bigger freezer ice trays.


  3. sara luke
    May 29, 2009 @ 12:37:34

    I bought some Popsicle molds from a garage sale before Jack was born and still haven’t used them . . . this sounds perfect!


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