Pesto Torta – Thanks Jan for the name of this!

This is another great recipe given to me by my mom’s group.  A fabulous appetizer that I throw together when I don’t have time to make anything else.  Take a block of cream cheese and throw it down on a nice plate.  Cover with pesto (I buy mine already made in the jar).  Cut up some baby tomatoes in half. Put some on top of  the cream cheese/pesto and some around it on the plate.  Serve with crackers.  My favorite with this is the rosemary and olive oil triscuits.

Beware – this is so good you could eat the entire thing yourself.  I’m not even kidding when I say my neighbor and I polished this off ourselves one night with a few cocktails!  Enjoy!  I have no idea if my kids would eat this or not.  Sadly, I didn’t give them a chance to try it.  They were too busy playing with the neighbors kids……good excuse, huh?!

If you’ve made this before and know the name of it, do share.  I’ll change the title!

**Here’s a variation on this recipe that I just tried last night…it was so good, and so easy! It’s from Kraft Foods.

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  1. Jan
    Mar 07, 2009 @ 13:08:57

    I’ve seen this on recipe sites where they call it a “torta”. Some recipes use sun-dried tomatoes instead of the fresh ones; others use roasted red peppers. It’s all essentially the same. It is a variation on a “pesto torta”. 🙂


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