Egg Salad Sandwiches

I don’t know why, but I haven’t made egg salad in a really long time, and I used to make it a lot. And shock of all shocks, Luke used to eat it by the cracker-full! I’m sure he won’t touch it now, but I’ll try with all three of them and see what happens.** I adapted this from a local restaurant’s recipe…my boss used to pick this up for lunch sometimes and it was sooo good that I had to make it at home. I think it’s funny that I love egg salad so much given that I’m so sensitive to smells, and the odor of hard-boiled eggs is certainly offensive!

This type of recipe is probably annoying for some of you because there are no measurements for the ingredients, but it’s really the only way to do it. This is simple and makes a great lunch.

Here’s what you need:
Hard boiled eggs (I make them like this – only let them sit for about 9 minutes and you should be fine).
Light mayo (I only use Hellmann’s – have you tried that Olive Oil stuff? Gag.)
Dill weed*
Finely chopped red onion (I’ve tried yellow onions and green onions, and nothing compares to red in this recipe!)
Salt and pepper

When I make this, I usually only make 3-4 eggs because I don’t like to eat the same thing for lunch all week, plus I don’t feel like this stays good for long. This amount makes enough for probably 3 normal-sized sandwiches, and since Matt eats it, too, this goes pretty fast. So hard boil your eggs and peel them, and then cut them in half, scrape out the yellow, and chop up the whites. Smush all of the yellows together in a bowl and then add in the chopped-up whites. Now, spoon in a little mayo, and add until you have enough (scientific, no?). This is really up to you and how creamy you like your egg salad (or how many calories you’re willing to add). Add a small squirt of mustard, some salt and pepper, and a little dill weed. As for the onion: I’d only add a little at a time and then taste-test. Red onion is potent!

This is great on croissants (which I decided to forgo to save some calories/fat), crackers or pita.

* I recently cleaned out my spice cabinet, and needed to replace some outdated spices. FYI, dill weed really loses it’s flavor over the course of 9 years! I bought organic this time…have you checked out organic spices? Because the colors are so much more natural looking. And they generally aren’t that much more expensive, either at Trader Joe’s or Schnucks.

** So I had the boys try the egg salad. And even though I don’t think Luke loved it, he faked like he did and asked for more (I think because Bennett DIDN’T like it, he wanted to suck up…but, then again the next day, he asked for some for his lunch, so maybe he is really liking it). Jack Henry’s reaction says it all:

he only poked his finger at it, tasted it and made a horrible face, and wouldn't touch it again.

he only poked his finger at it, tasted it and made a horrible face, and wouldn't touch it again.

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